Sustainability Strategy

The management and staff at Direct Couriers are committed to meeting their Environmental Health and Safety responsibilities by minimising the impact of their operations on the environment. This ensures that the current business needs are met without compromising environmental health for future generations.


The Direct Couriers fleet are predominately sub contractors who own their own vehicle and are contracted to work for Direct Couriers exclusively. The fleet ranges from utes, to 1&2 Tonne vans, up to trucks ranging from 4tonne to semi trailers.

Direct Couriers takes our environmental impact seriously, and our long term goal is to partner with Greenfleet, who are a government approved organisation created to offset carbon emissions by planting tree’s throughout Australia. The benefits of tree planting are gained from not only the current tree’s offsetting carbon emissions but also the long term benefits that one tree will continue to offset carbon emissions throughout it’s life cycle.

We currently have selected vehicles in our fleet with carbon offset and our long term goal is for our entire fleet to be 100% carbon offset. 


Direct Couriers have always referred our staff recruitment as joining our family. Our culture, hands on management and approachability has always been a significant part of what has made our company great. The majority of staff that started back in the early 90’s are still here today. We honour our staff with naming our newly purchased prime movers after our longest serving employees. We celebrate birthdays on a monthly basis and still provide each staff with a xmas gift. Our open door policy allows a warehouse worker to talk directly with the managing Director on any issues or requirements. Our recruitment of staff ensures that all applicants fit our culture and are welcomed as a team player and family member. Our staff are regularly provided training in order to perform their tasks and grow along with the business. Nationally we recognise our staff with “Honour Walls” highlighting all staff that have been with the company for 5 years or more. This milestone has become common at Direct with nearly 50% of staff nationally having been part of the family for over 5 years up to 30 years.


Direct Couriers is an ISO 9001 Quality Management compliant business, undergoing yearly audits for our certification. Our business is fully transparent and is financially audited on a yearly basis by a recognised audit firm.

Health & Safety

Health and Safety is a critical function at Direct Couriers. We created our own driver App that ensures the vehicle and driver are compliant at the start of each day, to regular Toolbox meetings highlighting the importance of specific safety instructions etc. Our drivers and staff are provided regular training in all aspects of health and safety to ensure that all staff, drivers and our customers are not put at any risk. Additionally, we have employed the services of GROOV, who are a registered business offering services to manage and individuals mental health. All of the staff within the business are actively involved with GROOV to ensure their mental health is a priority for the business.


Direct Couriers is a profitable business and ensures the correct budgets are allocated to implement a sustainability strategy as part of our regular business plans. The costs associated with our sustainability strategy are factored into all business plan calculations.